The fatal problem of damage to the car

The car’s engine is composed of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of components that are mostly engaged in the movement very quickly. Lubrication is the key factor so that the engine can work with smooth and durable. But the name of broken components will inevitably happen, no matter how good we take care of him.

badcreditloansovernight There was some damage to the machine which can be fatal in a heartbeat. The effect is clear, we will spend no small amount of damage that occurs. Good to buy spare parts and the cost of mechanical work. There are some problems that are capable of causing fatal damage to the machine. Any kind of damage it and how preventative measures?

1. Timing belt

The function of the timing belt is as aligning the round crankshaft and valve so that the two do not clash. So it would be fatal if the belt connecting the two mechanisms is broken suddenly. Damage to critical components clearly inevitable because the piston will strike the valve is in the open position.

timing Belt

When this happens in a high engine speed, it is not likely the engine block can be broken in a collision that occurred repeatedly. But this can be minimized if we as a direct motorists to know the damage that occurs so that the engine does not try again to distart.

Engine with low compression ratio, and the engine equipped with a turbocharger or supercharger are less likely to have suffered damage due to the distance between the valve with a piston which having a gap somewhat farther than normally aspirated engines (NA).

Preventive measures:
• Replace timing belt on a regular basis according to the recommendations, or about 40-50 thousand km, even better if 25-30 thousand km.
• Accelerate the replacement of the timing belt when the car is often passed through the traffic.

2. Knocking in the engine turbocharger

The high pressure in the combustion chamber in the engine with tools such as forced air supply turbocharger or supercharger to make the load piston to be very high. That’s why the piston can be damaged when the machine instantly to experience symptoms knocking.

Early combustion prematurely will make the piston shook and the temperature in the combustion chamber increased drastically. The reason of course vary, ranging from failure of performance cooling system, turbo or supercharger pressure setting excessive, until fuel quality does not match the needs.

Preventive measures:
• Use quality fuel with a minimum octane level of 95.
• Check the cooling system on a regular basis, including components such as electric fan, thermoswitch, and others.

3. Water hammer

Sucked water into the combustion chamber (water hammer) is one of the most fatal problem with a result for a car engine. Water is much denser than air, when to meet the engine, certainly can not press when the compression stroke. In the closed valve condition, water pressure that occurs will destroy the weakest component in the combustion chamber, the piston.

Water Hammer Effect

Well, in the rainy season like now, beware of puddles that are ready to confront.

Preventive measures:
• Know the height of the air inlet in the car before passing through puddles.
• Do not attempt to start the engine if dead in the middle of a flood.
• Open the plugs and start the engine to remove the water in the combustion chamber.

4. Overheat

When the machine is operating beyond its temperature limit, it is definitely a component damage will occur. But on modern machines, the computer will automatically protect the engine by way of disabling the machine gradually. As dismiss the AC compressor work, and then goes into safe mode (safe mode) until such time as the machine will be stopped completely.

But on the cars of the 1990s, of course this feature is not yet available. However you can description with the presence of symptoms of accelerated knocking and needle indicators moving towards the boundary H.

Preventive measures:
• Check the cooling system and the amount of engine oil regularly.
• Note the temperature indicator knocking when symptoms arise.
• Stop the car as soon as possible when you know the overheating occurs.

5. Oil leaks

In any type of machine, leaking lubricant is definitely cause severe damage and fatal consequences. The reduced amount of engine oil drastically will cause friction in the moving parts will increase so the impact on increasing the temperature of the engine (overheat) and exceptional wear.

oil Leaks
One cause is damage to oil drain hole cover bolts located under the machine due to any impact on the road. Indeed, this is rare, but you need to look at indications in the form of oil indicator light on the dash that lights due to oil pump pressure loss. Another cause is a leak on  the machine, even though this kind of damage did not cause a reduction in the amount of oil drastically, but gradually.

Preventive measures:
• Check the amount of oil regularly.
• Do not underestimate oil indicator lit even if only flashes. Immediately check the amount of oil so the damage was not worse. Because it indicates the oil pump had lost its pressure.